Traveling for a Year

I Had an Idea: What if we......



The one thing we can all count on with painful regularity is

the fact that life never stays the same. Seems that this

truism becomes more glaringly obvious when we encounter

those common life milestones like: getting married, having kids,

the teen years, seeing your kids through college, the kids finally

striking out on their own and retirement.


My husband John and I got married in 1990, fast forward to 2012.

John had worked for one company for 26 years. Then took a leap

of faith and took a job with another company at the tail end of

his career. We moved from Minnesota where we had lived and

raised our 3 kids for 22 years, back to my home in Northern

California just like he promised me over 22 years earlier.


On an evening about 3 years ago after our return to California,

John and I were sitting out on our deck. It had been a particularly

tough day at work and he was talking about just how much longer

he could hang on working for this company. We had always had a

goal of waiting till our 2 oldest kids were out of college in 2017.

The commute was brutal, working for this company was not pleasant.

The owner wasn't  particularly appreciative and John wasn't getting

compensated in way that was comensairy with his years of experience

or effort.


I must admit I was a bit uneasy with the idea of his retirement. It wasn't

that I didn't want him home, I was scared about not having the income

any more. I turned to him and said,"What if we leased our house out to

pay for an adventure and take off somewhere for a year?" He immediately

lit up to the idea.


My immediate thought was Mexico. It's close, it's a good value for your

money, the people are warm and friendly and I speak decent amount of

Spanish. Then as I started to share our idea with other people and I got

the same response from pretty much everyone.


"That's sounds great, we know tons of people who are in Mexico doing

just that." I was a bit crushed. Not because I wasn't the first person to

have thought of this destination but I didn't want to leave California

and go to another country to hang out with my own kind, I wanted

to meet and interact with the Mexican people.


Then I toyed with the idea of Costa Rica, Panama ...The goal was somewhere

warm, reasonable cost with beach and ocean. I got out a map and started

looking. Then I thought about a trip to Mallorca Spain my father had taken

my sister and I one Christmas when we were attending school in England.

I loved the island, looked a lot like California, had tons of history and was

warm and surrounded by the Belaric Sea.


Then my idea morphed into, "Well if were all the way over in Europe , why

can't we go to........." and I started to think of other places that I'd never been

before all across the southern Mediterranean.


An itinerary was born, so the planning began!